Enviro / Environmental Legal Services

We are Service Provider of, Enviro Legal Services, Environmental Legal Consultancy Services from Pune, Maharashtra, India

We offer Consulting services to facilitate:-
  • Consent to Establish, Operate & Renewal for all industrial & infrastructure projects
  • Post EC Compliance
  • EC / EIA
  • Compliance of Hazardous & Other Wastes (Management & Transboundary) Rules 2016.
  • Compliance of E-Waste Management Rules 2016
  • Compliance of Water (P&CP) Act,1977
  • Compliance of The Factories Act 1948
  • Compliance of The Maharashtra factories rules 1963
  • Diversion of Forest Land For Non Forest Use as per
  • Forest Conservation Act, 1980
  • Compliance of The Environment Protection Act 1986
Enviro Legal Services